The Four Legged Team at Strides Pediatric Therapy

Meet the Horses of Strides!


Solomon is a 10 year old Gypsy Vanner gelding. He is our gentle giant! He is the kindest horse who takes care of every person who gets to interact with him. Watching him interact with and give confidence to children and adults of all ages and experience levels is part of what gave our team the idea to start Strides. He always wants to be near people, and can often be found looking over someone’s shoulder or checking their pockets for treats. He is a crowd and family favorite due to his loving and compassionate personality!


Annie is a 7 year old Welsh/Shetland pony. She is our smallest non-miniature four legged team member, standing at just 10.2 hands (42 inches). Annie is our little princess! She loves kids and attention, and especially loves activities where she gets to be groomed or painted. She is sweet as can be, and helps kids gain confidence being around and riding horses. Annie is best friends with Penelope, Gladys, and Eunice, and can often be found

Gladys and Eunice

Gladys and Eunice are our miniature donkey sisters. Gladys, the darker one, is 15 and Eunice, the lighter one, is 13, and they have been together since Eunice was born. They are an inseparable pair! Gladys is in charge, she leads the way and shows Eunice what to do. Gladys’s favorite thing is a scratch on her back. Eunice is the goofy one. If you give her a treat and tickle her nose, she will stick her tongue out at you!


Baby Nora came to Strides when she was only one year old. Since then she has been learning all about how to be a good therapy horse and growing with our kiddos here. We are so excited to have her officially join the sessions when she’s old enough!

Luca and Freya

These two are the best sibling team! As our tiny Trojan horses, they participate in all types of sessions and are always able to bring out a smile!


An original family member of ours, Luke has returned to us to live out his golden days. He gives the best hugs around!


Samson is Solomon’s best friend, and has learned all about how to be a great therapy horse from him since arriving at Strides! They are our two gentle giants!


As the youngest member of the Strides team, Simon is spending his days learning how to be the best boy! Right now, he loves being in our mental health sessions and being led by our kiddos. We are excited for him to join the rest of the sessions in a few years!

Rhett and Royal

These two fully trained therapy horses were kindly donated to Strides by Shasta Parry and Courtney Hughes of EverAfter Minis. Complete experts at this job, and the tiniest brothers ever! The boys love helping in sessions around the property as well as traveling with us to various events!