The Four Legged Team at Strides Pediatric Therapy

Meet the Horses of Strides!


Solomon is a 10 year old Gypsy Vanner gelding. He is our gentle giant! He is the kindest horse who takes care of every person who gets to interact with him. Watching him interact with and give confidence to children and adults of all ages and experience levels is part of what gave our team the idea to start Strides. He always wants to be near people, and can often be found looking over someone’s shoulder or checking their pockets for treats. He is a crowd and family favorite due to his loving and compassionate personality!


Hallie is a 13-year-old Haflinger mare. She is sweet as a button and the most easy-going pony we have ever met. She loves attention and is happy just to be around people, especially kids. She is almost as round as she is tall and would much rather take a nap in the shade than do any exercising! She is a go-to around here because she is sweet and gentle with every single person she meets. She will be the first to greet you at the paddock gate for a pat!


Jenkins was donated to Strides by the wonderful Jenkins family. She is an 8-year-old appendix quarter horse who was a chariot racer in her younger years and then was a jumper! She is a total sweetheart who loves teaching kids to ride. She is a girl of many talents but is also content to go on a quiet trail ride or just get groomed. She is a wonderful addition to the program and we are lucky to have her!


Maggie is a 15 year old Haflinger mare. She is one spicy girl! Staff and clients love her personality because she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to tell you! She takes very good care of anyone who rides her and prefers to hang out by the gate in the paddock where she might get a treat. She loves to hang out with her friend Hallie in the sunshine and to teach beginners how to ride!


Sebastian was actually broke and trained by Marley when he was very young and then he went and was a jumping and competition pony for several years! He was generously donated back to our program by Robin Sundeen and Darcy Conklin of Lynnleigh Farms. He is such a sweetheart and will canter up to the gate to greet visitors. He is a very easy going guy and just wants to do a good job! He is a very in your pocket type and will snuggle all day long!


Annie is a 7 year old Welsh/Shetland pony. She is our smallest non-miniature four legged team member, standing at just 10.2 hands (42 inches). Annie is our little princess! She loves kids and attention, and especially loves activities where she gets to be groomed or painted. She is sweet as can be, and helps kids gain confidence being around and riding horses. Annie is best friends with Penelope, Gladys, and Eunice, and can often be found laying around in the sunshine with her other tiny friends!


Penelope is a seven year old miniature pony mare. She is all sassy sweetness! She loves to be around people and has the cutest, and sassiest, personality. She bosses all of the bigger horses around and will be the first one to greet you at the fence if you bring her a treat. She has the softest velvet nose and is happy to give you a kiss!

Gladys and Eunice

Gladys and Eunice are our miniature donkey sisters. Gladys, the darker one, is 15 and Eunice, the lighter one, is 13, and they have been together since Eunice was born. They are an inseparable pair! Gladys is in charge, she leads the way and shows Eunice what to do. Gladys’s favorite thing is a scratch on her back. Eunice is the goofy one. If you give her a treat and tickle her nose, she will stick her tongue out at you!


Francis is an 8 year old pygmy goat. Francis is in charge of everyone at the barn. He knows the schedule and where all of the other animals are supposed to be, and he is not afraid to let you know if he thinks you’re messing up the system by bleating at you! He is always in the background, keeping an eye on people and what they are doing, overseeing everything.