Strides Pediatric Therapy

Full Service Therapy Clinic Located in Eagle Mountain, Utah

Strides Pediatric Therapy is an outpatient therapy clinic in Eagle Mountain, Utah that offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, mental health therapy, recreational therapy, and adaptive riding to children ages birth-21 with a variety of disabilities and/or needs. We have traditional clinic and gym spaces, as well as an equestrian facility to incorporate the use of a horse as a tool into these services. Equine facilitated psychotherapy uses a horse as a partner in a mental health therapy session to help reach therapeutic goals. All of these services are offered at one convenient location by an incredible team of licensed professionals who are committed to serving your child’s needs.

Learn About the Services That Strides Pediatric Therapy Offers

Occupational Therapy

The pediatric occupational therapist (OT), through the use of purposeful activities and play, assist children in reaching their optimal level of independence in all areas of their daily living.

Physical Therapy

The pediatric physical therapist (PT) focuses on the child’s ability for independence and participation in daily activities within their environments (home, school, playground, etc.) related to motor and coordination skills.

Speech Therapy

The pediatric speech language pathologist (SLP) works with children who have deficits in the areas of communication, language skills, oral motor control, feeding/swallowing issues, or hearing related concerns.

Mental Health Therapy

Strides offers individual therapy sessions, family therapy sessions, and parent and family member support group sessions to help address the challenges that children and families are dealing with.

Recreational Therapy

The pediatric recreational therapist (RT) focuses on developing greater health, well being, and quality of life, as well as greater independence in your child's skills, knowledge, and abilities using recreational and activity centered interventions.

Adaptive Riding

Adaptive riding (often referred to as therapeutic riding) is a horsemanship program that is adapted for children with a disability. Children gain physical, emotional, cognitive, and social benefits while learning to tack and ride a horse.