Let’s Get Started

Hello and WELCOME TO STRIDES PEDIATRIC THERAPY! This is just the beginning of Strides! We are so excited about this project because we truly believe that we can make a difference and offer services to kids that are not only beneficial but fun! So with that, let’s get started!

First up for us is paperwork. And more paperwork. We are working on forming Strides Pediatric Therapy, which involves forming corporations, forming the non profit, and other legal (and pretty boring!) tasks. Next we have to get permits and licenses from the city. This is a lengthy process that involves many meetings with the planning commission and city council to make sure that Strides meets the codes and rules for a business within Eagle Mountain City. We got lucky, the planning commission and city council members in Eagle Mountain are all the kindest, most helpful and supportive individuals we could have asked for! We are making good progress there. Other paperwork involves insurance, learning about processes associated with running a clinic, and making sure we are set to run the best therapy clinic possible.

Then there is the property itself. We are purchasing a lovely ten acre piece of land in Eagle Mountain. The photos above are of the property. The facility is beautiful, but has been vacant for a little while and needs a little TLC! We are lining up vendors to come in and do some repairs once we close on the property, as well as making plans for the changes we need to make to facilitate Strides.

For now, we spend most of our time on the phone or on the computer, working hard to get Strides up and running! We are planning to open FALL 2019!!! We cannot wait. I will keep you all updated on the progress over the summer!

Up Next: Repair and Renovation!

mjuarez@stridespediatrictherapy.com  801-335-4699

18406 West White Quest Drive, Eagle Mountain, Utah 84013

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 7 PM

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